Why RGB Capital Group?

Individuals who have worked hard to earn a level of financial success desire a more active and involved approach to growing their wealth which provides peace of mind, security and greater financial freedom to pursue their personal, family and retirement goals.

At RGB Capital Group, our investment philosophy is aimed at creating wealth, fighting inflation and allowing our clients to achieve their financial goals.

  • We strive to preserve capital which is critical to developing long-term wealth.
  • We attempt to construct low-volatility portfolios which allow us time to make rational, not emotional, investment decisions.
  • As a fee-based advisor, we are not aligned with or compensated by any mutual fund or ETF company.  Rather our incentive is to grow a client’s portfolio and therefore, we are aligned with your objectives.
  • We aim to provide an environment that allows you visibility into our process through ongoing communication.
  • Rob Bernstein has his personal and family assets invested in the RGB Capital Group strategies and would never ask a client to take on a risk that he is not willing to take for himself or his family.