About RGB Capital Group

RGB Capital Group LLC is a registered investment advisor in the state of California providing individuals, trusts, not-for-profits and corporations a means to invest their assets which is different than the traditional “buy and hold” advisors. We take an active approach to investment management with a primary focus on preserving our clients' capital and managing their financial risk.

RGB Capital Group is run by Robert Bernstein who has been managing his personal money and money for family members since 2003. All investment decisions are made by Mr. Bernstein. He holds the following degrees and designations:

  • MBA, Finance and Accounting, University of Rochester, New York
  • BA, Quantitative Economics and Decision Sciences, University of California, San Diego
  • Series 65 License
  • CPA (Retired)
  • President - San Diego Chapter, American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
  • Board Member – National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM)

RGB Capital Group is not an estate planner and doesn't sell life insurance. Our focus is to provide our clients with above average, risk-adjusted returns.

RGB Capital Group LLC is focused on managing financial risk for a select type of client – savvy individuals (both high net worth individuals and above-average professionals who have done well in their careers, made some money and want to hang on to it during this turbulent economy), trusts, not-for-profits, and select corporations.

Not just another wealth manager or investment advisor at all, Rob’s approach is active management, with daily oversight based on what the market IS doing, versus the typical “buy and hold”, or “buy and hope” models most financial advisors truly live by. He strives to deliver above-average results based on his hands-on approach.

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