Assistant Portfolio and Client Relationship Manager

At RGB Capital Group, we believe in having a positive impact on the lives of our clients. Helping them spend time with their kids/grandkids, have time to travel, play golf, tennis, pickleball, etc. or just removing the responsibility of managing their personal financial assets.

  1. Are you fascinated by the financial markets?
  2. Are you analytical and want to understand how things work?
  3. Does it drive you crazy when work is sloppy, unorganized, or late?
  4. Do you enjoy teaching others?
  5. Do you strive to leverage technology for almost anything that you do?
  6. Is your first thought, “no problem” when faced with a challenge?


If you answered yes to these questions, please read on.  As RGB Capital Group grows, we are looking for an Assistant Portfolio and Client Relationship Manager to help us deliver a high-quality experience for each of our clients.

While helping our clients earn a fair return is important, preserving capital in their portfolios when market risk is elevated is critical to our success and the financial success of our clients.  In fact, everything we do is focused on managing portfolio risk for our clients each day. 

To help maintain our level of service to our clients for years to come, we are adding one team member in San Diego, CA to help deliver on our goal of providing exceptional risk-adjusted returns and client service.  Join our team and make a difference in the lives of each one of our clients.  The successful candidate will be well positioned to be a key component of the RGB succession plan. 

Job Summary

The Assistant Portfolio and Client Relationship Manager is responsible for assisting the President of RGB Capital Group in all facets of the business.  This includes managing client relationships, assisting with onboarding new clients, participating in the investment decision making process, developing and delivering educational seminars, and participating in the compliance processes of the firm. The successful candidate will not only have the skills to participate in these activities but also have the skills to prioritize and pivot between multiple tasks daily.

Major Goals and Responsibilities

  1. Investment Analysis and Trading
  2. Client Management
  3. Marketing and Sales Support
  4. Compliance
  5. Administrative / Technical Support

Essential Activities

  1. Investment Analysis and Trading
    • Analyze and evaluate different investments
    • Investment decision making responsibility
    • Monitor current holdings
    • Place trades in client accounts
  2. Client Management
    • Manage client relationships
    • Review client accounts
    • Respond to client inquiries
  3. Marketing and Sales Support
    • Develop presentation materials
    • Coordinate educational presentations
    • Follow up with client prospects
    • Manage website and communication systems
  4. Compliance
    • Assist with the compliance responsibilities of the firm
    • Update required regulatory documents, as needed
  5. Administrative / Technical Support
    • Review monthly performance reports and send to clients
    • Review quarterly billing
    • Support critical systems including charting/analysis tools, performance reporting & billing systems and CRM


Compensation will be commensurate with the successful candidates experience in the range of $80K to $120K.  In addition, the successful candidate will participate in the RGB 401k plan, profit sharing and defined benefit plan.


To start the application process, please call 619-353-9549 to express your interest in this position.