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What defines us as investors is the amount of risk that we expose ourselves to in the financial markets. Most investors would agree that the higher return the better. However, where we disagree is with the amount of risk we use to achieve those returns.

At RGB Capital Group we believe that actively managing risk and minimizing the day-to-day volatility in our client portfolios is critical to creating wealth. Our investment philosophy, which guides our decision-making processes, is centered on two key components:

Our conservative approach is focused on minimizing volatility and maximizing gains. Using quantitative metrics to identify opportunities that are providing good risk-adjusted returns and creating low volatility portfolios that strive to outperform the market is our specialty. If you are looking for a different approach to managing your investable assets than the typical buy-and-hold financial advisor, please contact us or give us a call at 858-367-5200.

Who We Are

We take an active approach to investment management with a primary focus on preserving our clients' capital and managing their financial risk. More

What We Do

Capital Preservation and Managing Financial Risk are core to RGB Capital Group’s investment approach. More

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Preserving capital during market downturns creates opportunity to create wealth.More

Our Process

RGB Capital Group continuously reviews macro- and micro-market conditions and market sectors to help guide the investment selection process. More